Your Breaking Dawn Tickets are on Jack Ingram Volvo

The love triangle between a vampire, a wereworlf and the girl next door is back! Next Friday, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, will flood every movie theatre in America and send millions of Edward, Jacob and Bella-obsessed fanatics to watch, what seems to be, the world’s biggest love story unfold. Will you be there?

If you answered no, chances are you can probably count on more than one hand how many friends and family members you have that are. After all, it always seems to be the movie of the year!

Volvo made the right choice when it decided to partner with the Twilight Saga and let the Cullen family drive its cars. Every movie features a new car and this year’s choice is the 2012 Volvo S60. A family that looks that amazing (diamond-like, literally) needs a beautiful, sleek and sexy car to match.

Jack Ingram Volvo in Montgomery, AL is giving away two tickets to the Rave Motion Pictures Sunday showing of Breaking Dawn Part-1 at 4p.m. To win the tickets you need to “like” Jack Ingram Volvo’s Facebook page. If you aren’t a fan or America’s favorite vampire love triangle, register for your wife, kids, friends and family that are. Not only is Jack Ingram Volvo giving away two movie tickets, but we are also throwing in a life-size cut-out of Edward and Bella!

Click the link and “like” Jack Ingram Volvo’s page. For each person you refer, you receive an additional entry, which means an additional chance to win.

Look for future giveaways, contests, specials and promotions in the future!

“It’s Time to Love What You Drive”

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