Three Reasons Why New Car Sales Will Increase in 2012

In 2011 we saw the economy rising and experts think that trend will continue to improve throughout 2012. According to Digital Dealer and the National Automobile Dealer Association, more than 13.9 million new cars are light trucks will be purchased or leased in 2012.


The three factors that wil make this possible and lead to the increase are:

  • Aging vehicles
  • Affordable credit
  • Agressive incentives

The  main demand in the automobile market will come from comsumers who are shopping because they need a new vehicle to replace their aging vehicle.

NADA said that the average person keeps their vehicle for nearly 11 years, this means comsumers can no longer delay making a purchase of a new or newer vehicle.

Credit plays a rold in the increase of auto sales because interste rates on new car loans were historically low in 2011 and are projected to keep dropping in 2012. Keeping the rates low allows the economy to grow. As a result according to NADA, affordable credit will be widely available in 2012 with more automaker finance companies offering low-interest and interest-free loans for up to 60  months- WOW!

A steady decline in gas prices will also result in car buyers looking at a selection of vehicles, from SUV to sedan.

Tade-in prices will also be high this year leading to increased sales and higher value.

What new car are you interested in this year?! We have Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Volvo. If you are looking for a newer vehicle check out our signature used lot or our value lot.

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