Celebrate Spring at Jack Ingram Motors

The first warm day of spring and everything seems to wake up. Animals emerge from hibernation, leaf buds appear on the trees, and a familiar feeling blooms in the back of our minds. Time to get moving.

That’s what spring does to us. The combination of more light and more color wakes up something that’s been asleep all winter — our sense of awe. We naturally feel younger and more impulsive because our human sense of wonder has been nudged awake. Spring is all about potential, and we begin to believe that opportunities that seemed unlikely in the bleak light of January now seem possible in the strong light of spring.

Do you remember what it was like to drive back then, when you were younger, and having the car was a privilege? It wasn’t a vehicle to run errands and pick up groceries; it was a way to meet friends and get to fun events. It opened up all kinds of possibilities.

It’s time to revive that, too. Your car can be fun again. Just roll down the windows, crank up the music and take your car somewhere you don’t usually go, preferably some place where you don’t have anything particular to do except appreciate spring.

And if your car doesn’t reflect your new optimism, it might be time to take something else out for a test drive.

Every year, the world revives itself and seems young again. Why don’t you take a cue—get behind the wheel of your car, ignore your GPS, and go wherever you feel like. After all, it’s not like you have a curfew to worry about anymore. Let’s go exploring.

Stop by Jack Ingram Motors this weekend and take a test drive in one of our many selections of vehicles. We have Jack Ingram Volkswagen, Jack Ingram Audi, Jack Ingram Porsche, Jack Ingram Volvo, Jack Ingram Nissan and Jack Ingram Mercedes-Benz. Springtime is a great opportunity to take that convertible you’ve been dreaming about for a spin. Jack Ingram has plenty to pick from. Come see us!

It’s Time to Love What You Drive!

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