Get the Most of Your Tires

Tires are fundamental to your vehicle. That’s why taking a few simple steps to ensure their quality is so critical. You can avoid a flat tire and even prevent an accident by regularly checking and maintaining your tires.

The four things you should check on your tires are:

  1. Tire pressure: Inflation pressure of a tire before it’s driven.
  2. Tire and vehicle load limits: the amount of weight your vehicle and tires can handle carrying.
  3. Tread: Grooves carved into tires that provide traction while driving.
    Other irregularities: Cuts and slashes, for example.

Every few months or when you are about to embark on a longer drive, do a thorough visual scan of your tires. Check your tire pressure and look in the grooves too. In particular, if you plan to carry many large items in your vehicle or if you are planning to tow items — it is especially important that you know the load limits of your vehicle to preserve your tires and ensure your safety.

You may need to consult your user manual or Jack Ingram Motors to determine the appropriate tire pressure and load limits for your vehicle. Underinflated tires and carrying too much weight isn’t just dangerous, but also decreases your fuel efficiency.

In addition to keeping you safe, maintaining the quality of your tires can truly improve your driving experience. When your tires are in poor condition, your vehicle may not drive as well or as quietly, decreasing the quality of your ride.

If you suspect that you might need new tires or that your current tires are in need of repair, be sure to stop at Jack Ingram Motors. Remember, your tires keep you safe while driving — so don’t overlook this important part of your vehicle.

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