USA Today reports couple getting 84 mpg in a Volkswagen Passat diesel

Wow! Who would have thought that a couple could travel 1,621 miles on a single tank of gas on a three-day adventure across nine states? I’m sure most of you would say that is impossible, but it’s true! See for yourself

What a great reason to own a Volkswagen Passat diesel! Gas prices are a scary thought and majority of us are tired of consistently feeding our money into the pump. It adds up quick, especially when you have to fill your gas tank up once a week to commute to work, home, grocery store, family activities and everything else that makes the days so busy. That’s why owning a Passat diesel is the right move to save you money. This couple drove through nine states on one tank of gas. Imagine what that could do for you and your wallet!

Jack Ingram Volkswagen has a large inventory of Passat diesels waiting for you to test drive. Come see us in Montgomery, AL and pick the Volkswagen that suits you best. We have Passat and Jetta diesel engines designed for the eco-friendly, money saver. If that sounds like you come by Jack Ingram Volkswagen in Montgomery or visit us online at We look forward to saving you money at the fuel pump!

“It’s Time to Love What You Drive”

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