Shedding Light on Audi Headlights

Who said every headlight is created equally? Well, that’s not the case for Audi.

When it comes to your safety at night, nothing is more important than you headlights. Jack Ingram Audi recognizes this and has been revolutionizing the technology we have come to rely on. Introducing LED technology in 2008 with its R8 supercar, Audi has, in a mere four years, innovated its vehicle lighting system that’s truly light years ahead of the pack.

The difference between headlight bulbs (and in Audi’s case, tail light and turn signal bulbs)—LED vs. Halogen & Xenon—impacts everything from how you see the nighttime road to CO2 emissions to bulb life. Leave it to Audi to delve into the little details so that what you see is as important as what you drive. The slogan fits perfect for Jack Ingram Audi.. It’s Time to Love What You Drive– headlights too!

LED bulbs are four times more energy-efficient than conventional bulbs, requiring less energy replenishment from the vehicle’s alternator that simply means better fuel efficiency and diminished CO2 emissions. Audi’s LED headlights illuminate the road close to daylight driving conditions, providing a far safer driving experience. But safety doesn’t stop here. Audi LED tail light technology reacts 10 times faster than conventional bulbs, allowing tailing drivers to potentially adjust to whatever the road throws its way.

On average a Halogen bulb lasts about 1000 hours and has comparatively low replacement costs. Xenon bulbs last 2000 hours, emit a telltale blue light that is great for drivers and energy efficient, but can be potentially hazardous when oncoming drivers encounter them. See how Jack Ingram can help you enjoy greater safety when driving at night.

Come in to Jack Ingram Audi in Montgomery, Alabama and test drive the Audi A6, A4, A8 and more! You can see why Audi prides itself on its technology– especially its headlights.

It’s Time to Love What You Drive! Jack Ingram Motors

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