Purchasing the Right Family Vehicle

Having a family means protecting one another, sharing memories, promoting togetherness and offering love and support. When buying a family vehicle, the importance of your family and safety when traveling should be deemed a priority when car shopping.

The number one factor to consider is the safety features of a vehicle such as front, passenger and side impact airbags, braking technology, and rearview cameras and/or sensors. Research the crash testing and safety ratings from credible resources. Read consumer reviews to compare and contrast different models. Ensuring your family is as safe as possible also means driving a vehicle that has the technology and powertrain to handle unexpected weather conditions.

Sharing memories and spending time together require a spacious comfortable vehicle with plenty of cargo room and versatility. Seats that move and fold down offer extra room for sporting equipment, camping gear, bicycles, strollers, etc. The extra seating, then, allows room for commuting kids to all their activities and taking family vacations with room for everyone.

Family time in the car can sometimes be stressful and considering some entertainment options can only help the situation. With all the technology available in vehicles, entertaining the children during a long drive is much easier than it used to be. Multimedia interfaces offer music, movies, Bluetooth syncing, navigation and more all by the simplicity of a touch screen. Some vehicles even offer voice recognition systems allowing hands-free capabilities for increased safety.

Of course, you also want to love the car you drive so considering the feel, the style and the overall design should also be taken into account. Vehicles are a large expense so it’s important to be completely happy with everything from the interior to the exterior. Making a list of priorities and meeting all of those needs can help when looking for the perfect family car.

Look good while still keeping your family safe, comfortable and entertained in a car you love to drive.

Luckily, Jack Ingram Motors has a huge selection of family-friendly vehicles to choose from. We have over 250 cars with majority under $20,000 and in the family vehicle option.

Come out to Jack Ingram Volkswagen and test-drive the top family pick, the new Volkswagen Passat. If it is technology you are after check out the Audi A6,or how about safety with the Volvo S60 or XC90. All three of these vehicles bring safety, technology, style and comfort to your family. Jack Ingram Motors also has the new 2013 Nissan Altima that is raising the bar for mid-size family sedan. Last but not least, if you want outstanding luxury come to Jack Ingram Mercedes.

Jack Ingram Motors is a family-owned dealership and we realize how important family and safety is to us and our customers which is why we will go out of our way to ensure you get the best quality car that meets all your needs for your next vacation.

“It’s Time to Love what You Drive”

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