Jack Ingram Porsche Heads to Barber Motorsports Park

Last weekend Jack Ingram Porsche had the pleasure of taking 13 lucky Porsche customers to Barber Motorsports Park to experience Porsche Driving at its best.

 The day started early with registration and meet and greet in the breakfast lounge overlooking the track. The day was packed full of speed and knowledge on the Porsche brand. On the track, Jack Ingram Porsche guests experienced driving the 911, Boxster and Panamera. The Porsche Panamera was the favorite of the day and speed was on everyone’s mind for the track segment of the day.

The next event showcased the control of the Porsche vehicle. Guests were guided through rows of cones to test the turning capability and overall control and handling of the sports car. Porsche drivers were then moved to a slippery black top covered with water to test the brakes and have some fun.

Lastly, Porsche guests were taken off-road in the Cayenne. This exhibit allowed drivers to see the ability for the Porsche SUV to go from the highway to the woods. The Cayenne came back covered in mud, as expected.

The day ended with hot laps to test to sum up the “Ultimate Porsche Driving Experience” along with a tour of the Barber Museum. It was a packed fun-filled day that our customers will always remember.  We were happy to be there and enjoyed watching our Jack Ingram Porsche customers have fun on the race track. We built brand awareness for Porsche while creating customer loyalty with some of our best clients. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

“It’s Time to Love What You Drive”

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