Jack Ingram Motors provides helpful tips on taking care of your windshield

Did you know your car’s windshield is an important safety device? Here’s some information about what your windshield does for you, and tips for taking care of your windshield.



Windshield Usage
Windshields aren’t just for seeing through. As manufacturers make lighter, more aerodynamic cars, the windshield provides more structural support in case of an accident, and can keep you from being ejected. It also guards you against other debris when driving.
Pay attention to cracks and chips
Watch for signs of windshield problems. If unattended, a chip in a windshield can grow into a large crack that can’t be repaired. Weak spots like these lessen the structural integrity of your vehicle and can keep the windshield from doing its job. When you notice a divot, have it fixed. Many insurance companies fully cover this cost with no deductible.

Windshield wipers keep your view of the road clear and safe. Make sure to clean the wipers frequently, so sand and grit underneath them won’t scratch your windshield. For best performance it is recommended that wipers are replaced about every six months. Wipers are too old if they are cracked or leaving streaks behind.

Washer Fluid
Keep your car’s windshield washer fluid full to help maintain a clear view. Remember, some washer fluids are created to work in all seasons, while others are better during especially cold weather. Read labels to choose the right product for the current weather conditions.

When cleaning the windshield make sure to stay away from ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia is not only dangerous to you, but can ruin a windshield’s tint. Use a microfiber or cotton towel for good absorbency, and try vinegar or alcohol to clean the area.

Make windshield maintenance a regular part of your routine with your car for best results on the road.

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