Mr. Ingram Represents the State of Alabama for TIME Dealer of the Year and Jack Ingram Motors

Jack Ingram Motors president, Mr. Ray Ingram, was nominated to represent the state or Alabama in the TIME Dealer of the Year Award from NADA. Ingram’s father, Jack Ingram, started the dealership on Bell Street in downtown Montgomery in 1959. Since then, the dealership has moved the Eastern Blvd. and houses new car franchises such as Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and two used car lots all located in the same Montgomery Jack Ingram Motors complex.

Jack Ingram Nissan TIME Dealer

This award recognizes outstanding car dealer owners who have a commitment to the community and public service in his/her hometown. Jack Ingram Motors is truly honored and proud of our boss for receiving such prestigious recognition!

Although Mr. Ingram did not win for at the national level, he is still a winner for Alabama and definitely for the city of Montgomery. We are honored to work for such a humble and giving man and would like to congratulate him on his broad list of accomplishments and generosity to our city nonprofits and outreach programs such as Brantwood Children’s Home, Boy Scouts, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Museum or Arts, Family Sunshine Center, MACOA, Montgomery Sheriff’s Department, Vintage Affair, United Way, Center for Child and Adolescent Development, and many more projects that he is personally involved with in the Rive Region.


Way to go Mr. Ingram! The Jack Ingram family and staff are proud of you.

227 Easter Blvd. Montgomery, Alabama
It’s Time to Love What You Drive!

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