Mr. Ingram Represents the State of Alabama for TIME Dealer of the Year and Jack Ingram Motors

Jack Ingram Motors president, Mr. Ray Ingram, was nominated to represent the state or Alabama in the TIME Dealer of the Year Award from NADA. Ingram’s father, Jack Ingram, started the dealership on Bell Street in downtown Montgomery in 1959. Since then, the dealership has moved the Eastern Blvd. and houses new car franchises such as Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and two used car lots all located in the same Montgomery Jack Ingram Motors complex.

Jack Ingram Nissan TIME Dealer

This award recognizes outstanding car dealer owners who have a commitment to the community and public service in his/her hometown. Jack Ingram Motors is truly honored and proud of our boss for receiving such prestigious recognition!

Although Mr. Ingram did not win for at the national level, he is still a winner for Alabama and definitely for the city of Montgomery. We are honored to work for such a humble and giving man and would like to congratulate him on his broad list of accomplishments and generosity to our city nonprofits and outreach programs such as Brantwood Children’s Home, Boy Scouts, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Museum or Arts, Family Sunshine Center, MACOA, Montgomery Sheriff’s Department, Vintage Affair, United Way, Center for Child and Adolescent Development, and many more projects that he is personally involved with in the Rive Region.


Way to go Mr. Ingram! The Jack Ingram family and staff are proud of you.

227 Easter Blvd. Montgomery, Alabama
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VW Vintage Meltdown with Jack Ingram Volkswagen at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market

Jack Ingram Volkswagen had a blast last weekend at the Farmer’s Market in Montgomery.
We had Volkswagen vintage owners and lovers from all of the state of Alabama participate in the show.
Jack Ingram Volkswagen took the new Beetle Convertible and Passat to the event.
Wow! What a change! We had such a good time comparing the models and what we loved and didn’t
love best about past and present VW’s.

The Vintage Volkswagen show is held in Montgomery at the Farmer’s Market every year. Jack Ingram Motors is
an annual participant. We give away all kinds of Volkswagen gear and Volkswagen coupons for door prizes.
We would love to see you at the next event if you missed out on this one.

Check out our photos here:

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Jack Ingram Volkswagen
“It’s Time to Love What You Drive!”

Montgomery Holiday Road Travel Tips from Jack Ingram Motors

The holidays may be a stressful time for a variety of reasons, especially if you have to hit the road to grandmother’s or the in-law’s house for a family celebration. A holiday road trip doesn’t have to suck the festive feeling out of you. With a little preparation and, perhaps, a little patience this holiday can be one for the record books.


Well before leaving on your happy car trip, it is a very good idea to have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic at Jack Ingram Motors. Making sure the engine and its components are in top operating condition, that the brakes are working properly and the tires are in a road worthy state are all preventative steps that can help eliminate some of the biggest stressors that could make your holiday miserable. And don’t forget to make sure the spare tire is good to go, along with the jumper cables. We have a friendly service staff at Jack Ingram Volkswagen, Jack Ingram Nissan and Jack Ingram Porsche Audi Volvo waiting to serve you and make sure you’re safe this season.

Mapping your route beforehand will put you on the path for free sailing. When doing so, it is advisable to take into consideration the major roads that lead to your destination and bank on their being slower because of heavier holiday use. Planning to take an alternate route might be the best thing you could do. You might want to leave a day or two before everyone else does to beat the overburdened roads.

Depending on what part of the country you’ll be traveling to, it is always a brilliant idea to keep an eye on the weather. Packing an emergency kit that includes some or all of the following is wise: tire chains, sandbag, shovel, first-aid kit, flashlight, matches, food and water (and maybe a big bottle of aspirin!).
This is a time when the heated seats are a plus! Don’t worry, Jack Ingram Motors has you covered in that department too.

Happy trails!

As always, “It’s Time to Love What You Drive!”

Jack Ingram Motors says Happy Labor Day weekend and welcome SEC football!

War Eagle and Roll Tide!!

What better weekend to kick off SEC football in Montgomery, Alabama than on Labor Day weekend?

We get extra time with friends and family to kick off the start of a new football season! War Eagle and Roll Tide from all of us at Jack Ingram Motors!

We wish you a happy and safe Labor Day and hope that you join us and use this time to spend with family and friends dear to you. Jack Ingram Motors will be closed in observance of Labor Day and be back in full swing on Tuesday.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend watching your favorite SEC teams play!

We appreciate your business!

It’s Time to Love what You Drive!!