It’s Hot Montgomery! Prevent Your Car from Overheating

Jack Ingram Motors provides you with easy tips to follow to prevent your car from overheating:

Warm summer temperatures are on their way, and your car is one thing you don’t want overheating. Here are some simple ways you can keep your automobile’s temperature gauge in the right place while you’re on the road.

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Get the Most of Your Tires

Tires are fundamental to your vehicle. That’s why taking a few simple steps to ensure their quality is so critical. You can avoid a flat tire and even prevent an accident by regularly checking and maintaining your tires.

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Let’s Compare: Volkswagen Passat vs. Honda Accord

Jack Ingram Volkswagen is doing a comparison between the Volkswagen Passat and the Honda Accord to find out which car is best in quality, safety, features and more. These two mid-size sedans are leading the market for affordable luxury cars.

Car and Driver performed a comparison test, and the Volkswagen Passat SEL beat the Honda Accord Sedan EX-L.

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Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Release

Volkswagen released their game day commercial this week. This one is funny and appealing just like the Vader commercial from last years game. Last years focused on the all-new Passat and this commercial focuses on the new VW Beetle.

Which one do you prefer!? Darth Vader “The Force” from last year or the oversized dog Bolt for this Sunday’s game?

Watch the ending of this Volkswagen commercial for a special twist! Jack Ingram Volkswagen got a good laugh, and once again tip our hats the Volkswagen brand.

How to Save Money at the Fuel Pump

We all want to save money, but it’s not always easy to do. One simple way to shave off the cost of driving is to drive more efficiently to save on gas prices. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of stopping at the gas station less often. Here are five simple things you can do today to increase your fuel efficiency every day. Continue reading

Three Reasons Why New Car Sales Will Increase in 2012

In 2011 we saw the economy rising and experts think that trend will continue to improve throughout 2012. According to Digital Dealer and the National Automobile Dealer Association, more than 13.9 million new cars are light trucks will be purchased or leased in 2012.

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Jack Ingram Motors Flashback on 2011

We are wrapping up 2011 and Jack Ingram Motors has much to be thankful for. Auto sales were at its highest since 2008 according to and all of our brands took home prestigious awards for the year. Speaking for the company as a whole, we couldn’t be happier!

We feel it’s only necessary to toot our own horn a bit and share with you all that we accomplished in 2011 and also take a sneak peek into 2012. Here we go!

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